Signature Workshops (in person or virtually) (for district/site leaders and administrators)

Words That Change Minds-Communication Bootcamp

How you communicate is the difference in a leader’s success in an organization. Learn powerful strategies that empower your team, invite collaboration, build trust, and disarm the skeptics.

It’s You, Not Them:- Practical Communication and Conflict Management Strategies

The Buck Stops With You! Ever heard that saying? The leader, no matter how competent, is responsible for successfully managing people and working through resistance and challenging school environments so that students and staff thrive. Learn restorative practices and walk away with practical listening, problem solving, design thinking, and conflict management strategies for your day to day.

Improve the Performance of Your People

I just work here! Let’s shift the culture of your school organizations by learning empowerment strategies for the adults in your buildings and on your teams. Walk-away with practical strategies for running a successful meeting, decision-making protocols, and strategies for school reform.

The Intersection between Culture and Communication

Our students tend to come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and it’s no secret that our student populations tend to be more diverse than our workforce. Learn how to navigate and communicate within racial, gender, age, ability, and social class dynamics so that you foster inclusive school communities. *This workshop can also be customized for staff of color working in predominantly white environments or organizations

Toxic Workplace:The Problem in Most Schools & Restorative Strategies that Work

Is your leadership being undermined? Are your lunch rooms filled with trash talkers? Is your staff complacent or negative? Learn practical strategies to make your school organization a great place to work. Learn the secrets of building teacher capacity, empowering the silent majority, establishing workplace community agreements, and strategies for celebrating success.

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?- New Administrator Bootcamp

It’s a different playing field and though you went to the best educational administration program, site leadership is filled with challenges you never saw coming. Learn best practices to thrive in your first years of leadership including: time management, communication and conflict management tips, finding your voice, keeping quality instruction at the center, and self care. This workshop is a combination of learning and sharing.

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