“I’d like to give a special shout out to principal Shamar Edwards.  She has been phenomenally awesome since the beginning of her time. She is very popular not only with kids (what principal gets voted by students to be the nicest?!?) but also with parents. She listens to us, and always promptly replies to emails which I think is a super human ability given how many parents there are in school. I noticed under her leadership, the teachers and staff have been more responsive to parents and display the great attitude that she models daily.  She also has a sense of urgency and solves problems when issues are brought up. I wholeheartedly appreciate her leadership, listening skills, problem solving skills, sense of humor and awesome personality. I couldn’t be happier and grateful that she is our principal!”


“Shamar brings together years of personal experience and resources in a workshop that is informative, practical, and generous in spirit. She guides attendees through aspects of restorative leadership with clarity around goals for leaders in developing and maintaining a healthy and productive school culture.”

Assistant Superintendent

“Shamar Edwards provides a systematic and researched based approach to improving school leadership structures and processes.”

Equity Coach

“I attended Shamar’s workshop and it was definitely enlightening on how to handle and address conflict in the workplace. The greatest take away for me was how to reframe your words to create a greater outcome where everyone feels valued and heard. Thank you Shamar! I will definitely be attending more of your workshops.”


“Developing effective strategies for restorative leadership is essential in being a strong educational leader. Shamar’s workshop emphasizes the importance of being intentional and vulnerable in this process. I appreciate the nuggets of wisdom, personal anecdotes, and practical strategies she had to offer.”

Literacy Coach

“Shamar, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me! I learn SO MUCH from you. I will put in place your recommendations, and focus on what I want to see happen as opposed to reacting to what is happening. You are the best !!!!! Thank you for coaching me through this, and having my back!”

Middle School Teacher